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Textile Designer & Artist of  Camilion Designs:

Ute' Ronacher was born in Austria, migrated to Australia as a young child, and later attended RMIT University of Australia, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in 1983 for Textile Design - majoring in print, and in 1995 established her studio Camilion Designs in Fitzroy Melbourne.


With More than two decades of experience in hand-painted and digital design covering a diverse range of surface patterns, she was designing for some of Australia's best-known Brands for fashion, bed linen companies, fashion and interior fabric suppliers, including screen printers, small boutiques and individuals. By utilizing a wealth of knowledge in and around the industry, she was also the local representative for an International Printing Mill and an Italian Design Studio, collaborated with Local Designers, and travelled to visit Trade Fairs for research on behalf of clients.


In 2016 Ute relocated her Fitzroy Studio Camilion Designs to the outer east, a leafy suburb of Melbourne, where she now focuses on her work and freelances from a repurposed portable office she calls "The Design Cube".


With an ever-changing landscape, Ute' continues to explore new avenues for her branded products defining a new direction for her creative mind.


Artist Statement:

I strive to create uplifting and happy imagery, evoking laughter and delight or putting a smile of enjoyment on a face.


My design ideas and inspiration come from many places, the urban environment, my life's adventures, memories, friendships, close-up observations, textures and the influences of nature, especially the beauty of flowers.


My approach has been a bit of a Camilion -  my play on the word Chameleon, the quirky, colourful lizard as it adapts to its environment and changing of colour, so to have I.


Over my design career, I have produced artworks covering many styles, adapting to current fashion trends, themes, and numerous colour combinations for fashion brands and homewares companies.


Today I like to work more organically, impressionist, abstract in feel with a looser approach, and watercolour techniques, as well as creating colourful illustrative imagery.


For each work, I start with a rough sketch, drawing or deliberate painting using various methods and mediums, taking elements out of context to create something new.

Once I'm happy with an outcome, I digitally complete my work to have greater flexibility and scope for my designs and the products they can be applied to. During this process, my starting point and the result in mind usually take on a life of their own with unexpected results. 


Achieving what I set out to do and touching someone emotionally through my design work gives me a great sense of gratitude and satisfaction that I can bring enjoyment into someone's life.



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