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What the studio can do for you!
Create tangible design solutions from intangible ideas, and solve your design needs.

- Customised artwork.

- Preliminary artwork development.

- Repeats for all types of Textures, Abstracts, Watercolours, Florals, and more

- Colourways for existing work.

- Placements or Yardage Designs

- Colour Separation - Should you need it?

- Colour Reduction of Hand painted Designs/Artwork for Print Ready Files.

- Liaise with third parties if you need help? For an Extra Fee.

- Prepare your artwork & send it off to your printer/manufacturer if you need help? For an Extra Fee.

- Files supplied in RGB mode, Tiff, AI, PSD, minimum 200dpi - maximum 300dpi.


Design Styles

The design style of Camilion Designs is

- modern

- illustrative

- textured

- graphic 

- abstract

- florals


Whether a design is digital, hand painted or a combination of the two, the studio has the

experience and knowledge to offer you something unique.

Design Pricing

How much does a design cost?

As there are many variables for each design & project. It is difficult to provide an exact price.

Therefore, each design/project is evaluated on its individual merits & price according to the following........


1. Type of design style.

2. Intricacy & Technique.

3. Number of Colours.

4. Size of a repeat.

5. What is provided by you?

6. What extra research is required.

7. Skill set required to execute the design brief.

Time Frame 
How long will it take from start to finish?... Depending on the nature of the work and how busy the studio is, it can take anywhere between 2 - 4 weeks to complete an entire job.


There can be many factors that will put a spanner in the works. So, give yourself & the studio enough time to execute a job to the highest standard. Rush jobs don't have the best outcomes and will cost you much more.


A visual of your potential project is required to provide you with an estimated timeframe. 



You provide a brief  


If you’re happy with the studio's terms and conditions, sign the paperwork, and pay a 50% deposit, it's the green light to go full steam ahead! 


On having created preliminary artwork. Reconnect to show & tell.


You will need to approve the preliminary artwork. At this stage, you have the option of 2 adjustments.


Once you have approved and signed off the preliminary work, the studio proceeds to finish your artwork.


The final balance is due for payment before delivery of the completed work.


The finished artwork in "repeat" as a digital file, uploaded via Dropbox - Free


For all physical copies, artwork can be Posted or Freighted to you at your - Cost and charged prior to shipping. this will include a physical copy - section of the artwork with a colour key, colourways if have them and the artwork in repeat.


An additional copy of the artwork for your reference can be provided so you don’t have to spend more time duplicating what has already been done for you.


Extra copies are charged for accordingly and must be paid for prior to shipping. 


You get a design in repeat. 


You get colourways if you have them.


You get the master design on Disc/USB and if required a physical/hard copy to send to your printer/manufacturer.


All designs/artwork undertaken is confidential.


What the studio does not do!

Digitally print fabrics of any kind. 

Supply fabrics of any kind, as we don’t do manufacturing. 

Do not screen print on paper or fabric.


What can we do

Match to almost any colour from anything, including Pantone colours. Though there may be times with human and technology limitations, it's just not possible to get that exact colour. 


More Questions?

Want to know more? Or Discuss working together on your next design project?

Contact the Studio Here


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