Textile Design Copyright - Camilion Designs
Textile Design Copyright - Camilion Designs
Textile Design Copyright - Camilion Designs,
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 Textile Designer, Artist
Surface Pattern Design
For Printed Surfaces

 Melbourne, Australia.

Camilion Designs is a Studio located in Melbourne's outer east, owned and operated by textile designer, artist Ute Ronacher who has more than two decades experience in hand-painted and digital design, covering a diverse range of surface patterns and textile designs for well known brands and companies in bedlinen, fashion and homewares, specialising for printed surfaces. 


Camilion's own range of graphic art, greeting cards and home decor products are influenced by Ute's life adventures, memories, friendships, close up observations, textures, and patterns from nature, especially the beauty of flowers and striving to create imagery that is uplifting through playful, colourful, illustrative imagery. 


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