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Ute Ronacher
Is the Artist and Textile Designer behind the studio of Camilion Designs.

With more than two decades experience in hand painted and digital design covering a diverse range of surface patterns, having designed for Australia's well-known Brands for fashion, bed linen companies and interior fabric suppliers, including screen printers, small boutiques, and individuals. Represented an international printing mill, an Italian Design Studio for Furnishing Prints, collaborated with local designers and travelled internationally visiting Trade Fairs on behalf of her clients for research. 


In 2016 Ute closed her studio in Fitzroy to relocate Camilion Designs to the outer east, a leafy suburb of Melbourne where she now focuses on her own work and freelances from a repurposed portable office "The Design Cube".


Utes jumping off point of influences to her new work is through close up observation of the environment and the visual elements of nature. Responding to the neverending changes through the use of colour and textures and the juxtaposition of surface patterns is what her work expresses. Here response to seeing pattern everywhere in her surroundings influences the outcome of her work. Utes style is organic, textural, impressionist in feel with looser, abstract, watercolour techniques, as well as creating colourful, playful illustrative imagery.

What can be created:

Create tangible design solutions from intangible ideas, solve your design needs.



*Customised artwork to your Brief

*Small and Large scale design work

*Preliminary artwork development

*Repeats - Always work in repeat


*All work is Original and Confidential 

*Hand Painting

*Digital Designs - Illustrator/Photoshop

*Digital Ready Artwork


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